About Us

ChemTech is a creative, dynamic and flexible company with a high orientation on customers’ needs and requirements. Our main target is development of new, special and high-end effect materials in order to help our partners to achieve realization of challenging ideas and sophisticated designs.

Pearlescent, aluminium pigments, glitters and other effect instruments offered by ChemTech are characterized by uniqueness, innovation and modernity. Fully equipped laboratory and well-established quality control system assures stable performance of supplied products. Furthermore, with production site in Latvia and warehouses located in several countries ChemTech is able to execute orders shortly and deliver materials on time.

As a result, nowadays ChemTech cooperates with various companies from different functional markets and geographical regions. We were able to build a trusted and reliable brand, which is our honour.

ChemTech is a dynamically developing company in virtue of our young team members and close cooperation with customers. We are always open for a dialogue with our partners and every time struggle to find solutions to all their questions. Our aim is to help you to be in trend.


Corporate Policy

ChemTech is an internationally successful manufacturing and marketing company. The shareholders practice a sustainable, forward-looking system of management. Maintaining the financial stability of the company and its independence are essential.

The focus of our business activities is on the development, production and marketing of high-quality materials for a wide variety of industries (coating, printing industry, plastic and others).

We are confident, that success lies in people. We want to help our partners to succeed in their business by doing our job the best way we can. We believe in continuous development in everything we do.


People and Education

We focus on people: we are a responsible employer, and in turn expect our staff to assume responsibility. This gives our employees the opportunity to influence the development of their personal career themselves. We support our staff in a corporate culture based on cooperation and esteem. Staff qualification and regular advanced professional training are target-oriented measures.

We allocate appropriately qualified staff to all the activities, which have an influence on products, the environment, the consumption of energy, safety at work and quality. We support advanced professional training for the relevant activities with internal and external training courses and on-the-job training.



Sustainability is a key value in all our operations and it is an essential part of ChemTech business strategy. ChemTech goal is to be sustainability forerunner by addressing the critical issues beyond the minimum requirements of laws and regulations.

Chemical safety and environmental awareness are key factors in ChemTech success. Sustainable way of working is a responsibility of every member of our company. Our goal is to anticipate and avoid any harmful effects on the environment through environmental impact assessment and risk analysis. We comply with all local regulations and legislative requirements concerning our operations and we are highly committed to comprehensive responsibility covering environmental safety, fair and safe working conditions.

A key principle in ChemTech environmental policy is continuing operational improvement according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. ChemTech applies European REACH statutes to all operations for maximum chemical safety.