Beads, Granules, Flakes

Different types of decorative plastic beads, rhinestones, granulates and flakes with an enormous range of visual effects provide a luminous touch to designs. Tiny transparent beads and rhinestones work as lenses to intensify the beauty of a background and to leave memorable tactile sensations. At the same time, coloured and large particles create a brilliant shimmer (like “Swarovski”) and are fashioned for rich designs. Different sized coloured granules and flakes replicate natural materials, while adding tactile sensations and a three-dimensional effect.

Chemical Technologies offers a wide range of plastic volume instruments of different particle sizes and colours, which have the following advantages:

  • unlike glass and other abrasive materials, plastic guarantees a longer useful life of processing machineries;
  • plastic materials can be easily fixed on the surface due to their low weigh;
  • the availability of various sized particles enables creation of special tactual and three dimensional effects;
  • decorative materials can be used for printing as well as scattering.

All volume materials ChemTech are available in different colours, particle sizes and quality grades.