Pearlescent pigments

Pearlescent pigments are all around us. They are widely used in a wide variety of applications including packaging, printing inks, paints and coatings, plastics, personal care and many others.

Pearlescent pigments are used whenever a soft shine, a satin lustre or brilliant sparkling appearances are desired.

Inspired by fashion trends and nature, ChemTech constantly works on development of new product grades. Contact us to get detailed information about our latest elaborations.

Pearlescent Silver

Elegant pearls from soft shine to brilliant sparkling tones in combination with transparency accentuate a royal sophisticated stylishness. The silver white series of Pearlescent Pigments ChemTech is characterised by high purity and has no extraneous components. It ensures a bright lustre, high whiteness and stable colour.

Pearlescent Gold

Silky and bright lush golden effects with a wide spectrum of colors provide everything with a royal sophisticated elegance. Extensive materials flourish sumptuously and create an impressive accent of beauty for the design. A gold series of Pearlescent Pigments ChemTech is characterised by intense colour and bright lustre.

Pearlescent Interference

Widespread interference pigments are used in many decorative formulations. Their high popularity is due to fascinating interplays of colours and effects due to the various materials employed in their layered structures. Refractions and reflections of light at and within those layers cause interferences yielding the selected colours. The interference series of Pearlescent Pigments ChemTech is characterised by pure colour and bright soft lustre.

Pearlescent Colors

Natural looking pearlescent pigments with a broad spectrum of bright colours and pearly sheen create unlimited combinations of possibilities for gorgeous designs. In contrast to traditional coloured systems with standard silver pearls, the colour series of Pearlescent Pigments ChemTech allows preparation of transparent systems with bright pure colours, which are achieved without losing lustrous highlights.

All Pearlescent Pigments ChemTech are available in different colours, particle sizes and quality grades.