As a well-known material, PET Glitter ChemTech was improved for enhancement of the visual effect of products and the creation of a strong illusion of depth. Its high shining effect can make decorations dazzlingly bright and colourful.

Glitter ChemTech is characterised by the following peculiarities:

  • full scope production control, starting from the manufacture of PET film and aluminium. Moreover, special modifiers are used in order to increase thermal resistance of PET up to 200-220°C;
  • optimal thickness of Glitter ChemTech allows for reaching a balance between thermal resistance and a maximum number of particles in the unit of weight;
  • the use of examined, chemically stable and thermoresistant colouring agents assures stable colours for Glitter ChemTech during the whole manufacturing process;
  • a hexagonal shape of particles is technologically hard to produce, but it allows for greater brilliancy and for reducing the consumption of Glitter ChemTech by 10% in comparison with others;
  • different grades of water and solvent resistance;
  • supply of anti-dusted Glitter ChemTech at the customer’s request.

Glitters ChemTech are available in different colors, particle sizes, base materials and quality grades.