Printing Materials

Printing Inks

Along with special effect materials, ChemTech offers a full range of high-performance water-based printing inks and extenders for wallpaper industry produced in-house and sourced from leading manufacturers. They are suitable for gravure, flexographic and rotary screen printing on paper, fleece and vinyl printing materials. Products are lightfast, highly thermally stable, wash-resistant, suitable for hot-embossing on vinyl and inhibitor printing. Water based inks are available with different performance and optical properties, which can be customized when requested.

Nickel Meshes for Screen Printing

ChemTech offers to its customers and distributes nickel meshes. By keeping the largest majority of the most frequently required goods in stock, we can make delivery for European and CIS countries within a few days.

To get information about available products and order trial samples, please contact ChemTech.